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Quick Tips for Last-Minute Trips


There are very few things in the world which sound as daunting as taking an unplanned journey. Regardless of the reason behind your last-minute trip, the strain that one feels at heading through something they did not see coming cannot be ignored. While some people manage to persist through such situations, there are those of […]

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Kuantan Culture Guide


Kuantan, the capital of Malaysia’s Pahang state, is an east coast port city lying halfway between Kota Bharu and Singapore, on the Kuantan River estuary. Once a small, little-known fishing village, Kuantan is fast becoming known as a desirable tourist destination, thanks to its beaches, eateries and historic sites. With a rich and diverse culture, […]

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When the Rain Comes Down

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What are a few things to do when it’s a rainy day? One is… just sit or lie back and listen to the rain. Take in the pit-pat rhythm. Hear the patterns of thunder. Or pull back the curtains and WATCH the storm. From indoors, it can offer enjoyment very different from being out IN […]

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High Blood Pressure And Travel


Suffering from high blood pressure is not something to be taken lightly, but nor should it interfere with everyday activities or prevent you from enjoying a holiday trip. More than 80 million Americans have the condition and, for the vast majority, air travel is not a problem, and many enjoy regular cheap flights abroad with […]

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Best Cars for Long-Distance Adventures


Top 5 Cars That’ll Last Long-Distance For long adventures, having a car that is comfortable and cost effective can make or break the experience. Here are the top 5 that’ll stand the test. —   Life is an adventure; and the best part about every voyage is the journey from one place to the next. […]

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