10 Luxury Holidays on a Pauper’s Budget

Have you always wanted to holiday like a celeb but always found one big thing holding you back – money? If so, we’ve finally got a solution for you!

We definitely get jealous when checking out all the luxury holiday pads and yachts that celebrities are seen sunning themselves at year after year. So when we came across this infographic that shows 10 luxury places you can visit and actually stay in that were once owned by celebs or even still are, and on a pauper’s budget at that, we just had to share. Take a look on the creator’s blog for more info, or read on to find out more. All prices are listed per person per week, and many are absolute bargains!

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1.      Elizabeth Taylor’s Casa Elizabeth Luxury Estate, Palm Springs

For only £372 per person per week, you can stay at this Hollywood film icon’s historic home where you’ll be surrounded by photographs and oil paintings of the star herself.

2.      Merv Griffin Estate, La Quinta

A little more pricey at £1375, but still an affordable luxury, this 39 acre estate with 13 bedroom, an infinity pool, private pond and views over the Santa Rosa Mountains is open for the public to book.

3.      Orson Wells’ Hollywood Hills Home

Stay in a piece of history in the Hollywood Hills for only £455, owned over time by the likes of Orson Wells, Rita Hayworth, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and David Bowie.

4.      Willem Dafoe’s The Rubber House, New York

Not only is this home owned by Oscar winner Willem Dafoe, it’s also a piece of art in its design with a stunning vaulted glass chef’s kitchen, studio and ‘writer’s tower’. All this plus views over private meadows and woodland only comes at £586 per person per week.

5.      Richard Branson’s Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

We’re not recommending that you drop everything for this one, but it’s still more affordable to stay on a private desert island owned by a billionaire than you’d think at £9,928.

6.      One Direction’s Ohana Pacific Yacht, San Diego

Cue the screaming teenage girls. But seriously, at only £144 for a 45 foot private yacht sleeping up to 6 people, we’re not going to say no.

7.      Mick Jagger’s Stargroves, Mustique

This is a unique property – a Japanese style beachfront villa once owned by Mick Jagger made up of 6 pavilions, tennis courts and an outdoor pool with hot tub. A steal at only £1244 per person per week.

8.      Christie Brinkley’s Lucky House, Turks and Caicos

For fans of supermodel Christie Brinkley, this holiday home is ideal. With a 45 foot infinity pool and beachside fire pit, you can stay here for £4544.

9.      Sting’s Il Palagio, Florence

Imagine staying in a 16th century Italian villa with up to 50 guests and surrounding by rolling countryside. You can from only £183 per person per week.

10. Kirstie Allsopp’s Meadowgate, Devon

As the queen of home improvement, Kirstie Allsopp’s holiday home is going to be nothing short of amazing, filled with her own homemade crafts, log fires and an Aga, for only £248.

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