Why Alaska Is A Must to Visit

Alaska is a vast land which many people don’t ever get to visit. Unlike UK, Alaska is not a part of the world that you just happen to travel by every so often. It takes time, effort and money to get there, especially from Europe.

This sort of puts people off a little, and unfortunately they miss out on so much to see and do. All it takes is to get convinced, so here it is: 4 reasons why Alaska is a great place to visit. Just check and make sure if you need an ESTA visa or not to visit beforehand to save yourself some headache.

Amazing sceneries

Anchorage has some fascinating sceneries with mountains, glaciers, and wildlife along the well-known Turnagain Arm & Cook Inlet.

There are heaps of things to do there all year round. In summer you can go hiking, biking, camping, fishing, horse riding, play golf, kayaking and more.

During winter, adventures such as dog sledding, skiing and snowmobiling await, as well as a chance to see the Northern Lights.

Incredible cuisine

It would be a mistake if you missed trying Alaskan cuisine. Wild Alaskan seafood, such as king crab, halibut and salmon attract tourists from every part of the globe.

The fresh seafood is a big part of heir cuisine, but dishes such as Moose Diane and Caribou stew are also common.

Tantalizing breweries

The beer culture in Alaska is thriving, and being ranked fifth in the nation for breweries per capita in 2009, there are many places where you can taste handcrafted brews.

A fun way to discover the beer culture and visit different breweries is to go on the beer train “The Microbrew Express”, which takes you to some of the best microbrews through stunning scenery.

Cultural celebrations

Alaskans love and appreciate the beauty of creativity that surrounds them. They flock from all cultures to celebrate art forms, music, dances, and songs to theater and many other forms of workshops, festivals, and shows taking place in galleries.

Make sure to bring with you some souvenirs such as Alaska Native moccasins, carvings, jewelry, baskets that I would later upload to the blog.

Contemporary and traditional art pieces are amazing when presented as a gift. To be certain you bought authentic pieces check out for the “Silver Hand” logo that indicates local products production.

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