The Most Absurd Jobs for a Traveler

Let me become a grammar policeman just for this once, lest the word “absurd” sends you off. In my case, I used the definition of ‘absurd’ that means something ridiculous or that which arouses amusement. I promise it is not about being illogical or unreasonable!

So, my discussion is about the most interesting jobs that you can find while on travel. I have done one absurd job; caring for elephants in Thailand! Therefore, if you have a reason to turn down any of these jobs for ridiculous reasons, remember that somebody somewhere has washed elephants and scooped their poop!

  1. Hostel Bartender

If you ever pick this job, expect to see your clients in all their colors. You will see them neatly dressed at the dinner table, then rough and rowdy as their nurse their hangovers in the morning. Well, apart from such madness, you gain benefits like free drinks, better memories and you will meet more people everywhere you go.


  1. Ski Instructor

I have been to the far north, and, being a ski instructor can be fun. One time, I watched an instructor show a lady to balance on her skiing shoes. The smile on his face when the learner successfully floated across the snow made me envious. Just make sure you do not lead your students over cliffs or into frozen lakes!


  1. English Teacher

At least I got to try this traveler’s job while in India. I will be honest with you; learning English in class is normal. Try it in another land and you will taste magic. I could not hold back my laughter when kids jumped in joy after learning new words. There is also something adorable in listening to English spoken with an Indian accent. For instance, they would say “vindy” to mean “windy.”


  1. Soldier

You can volunteer as a soldier in some countries when you visit. I know of Israel. However, note that you will not participate in combat activities. Rather, you will execute duties like maintaining the base, building forts, repairing equipment and packing supplies amongst other jobs. If you are ever caught up in crossfire, you will see the amusement in this job.


  1. Disk Jockey (DJ)

Finally, if you can DJ and are lucky to find the equipment where you go, this might spice up your trip. Warning, however; you might find that the music you play or enjoy is not necessarily the same. Therefore, you will have to learn their music and play it for them.


Quite absurd jobs, right?