The Best Apps to Help with Your Holiday


Apps have become a big part of everyday life and most of them use them for everything from shopping to banking.  Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that there are now lots of apps to help with your holiday from finding the best deal to translating things real time while you are there.  Here we look at a few of the best to help make your holiday organized and fun.



Planning a holiday starts with a search for a destination or for a deal.  Either way, the app SkyScanner is a perfect tool to search for flights, both domestic and international.  It checks flights from hundreds of different airlines from the flag carriers right through to budget companies and means you can not only find the best deal but your preferred flight time.

Once you know where you are flying to and from, the LoungeBuddy app is a useful one.  This helps you find airport lounges in some 500 airports around the world and then lets you see what benefits are available.  You can even pay the one time fee if you want to upgrade your lounge experience through the app and filter through amenities as well as check out reviews.

TripIt is an itinerary app that lets you input all of your travel plans and the app forms them into a handy agenda for you.  This lets you keep everything organized and means you don’t need to carry around various pieces of paper to track everything.

Once you are there


Once you reach your destination, then there are plenty of apps to keep helping you enjoy yourself.  TripAdvisor is one of the best places to look into attractions, restaurants and almost anything else you might want to visit anywhere around the world.  You can filter by food type, budget, reviews and more to ensure you find the perfect place for your requirements.

Visiting a foreign country is exciting but can sometimes be a bit intimidating if you don’t speak the language.  Babylon is a new revolutionary travel and instant translation app that can offer translations into any number of languages and save those awkward moments when you haven’t a clue what someone is saying to you.

Finally, there’s HERE Maps for those moments when you know where you want to go but haven’t got a clue how to get there.  The app has over 1200 towns and cities from 100 countries worldwide in its database and can be downloaded to work offline if those roaming charges are a little painful.

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