Best Time To Visit Santa Elena, Colombia

The arts community makes any time the best time to visit Santa Elena, Colombia!

Knowing the best time to visit in Santa Elena allows you to make the most out of your vacation here.  Known for its silleteritos and the Feria de Flores, this rural farming area east of Medellin is one of the top tourist destinations in Colombia.  In addition, Santa Elena is also home to the famous Avri Regional Park, a 28,000 acre nature reserve which is home to 119 bird species and 163 insect species.

While Santa Elena’s pleasant climate makes it a year-round destination, certain events make a visit to Santa Elena a memorable cultural experience.  Here’s a little guide on the best time to visit Santa Elena:

August.  If you want to witness the famous parade of Silleteritos during the Feria de Flores as well as the La Noche de Silletera, August would be the best time to visit Santa Elena.  During this month, there are many festivities, fairs and events leading to the day of the Feria de Flores.

But do remember:  As the Feria de Flores is the most anticipated event in Santa Elena, it could get pretty crowded here during this month.  It’s best to book earlier and save more than enough for the trip as accommodations can be quite expensive during this time of the year.

December.  On the 7th of December, another festival will give life to the quiet and charming town of Santa Elena.  The Noche de Luces y Colores (Night of Color and Lights) recalls folklore and legends through parties, dances, music and theatre.

The rest of the year.  August and December may be the best times to head out to Santa Elena.  But any other time of the year is fine.  There are monthly and weekly festivals and fairs to look forward to when you go to Santa Elena.

The Moon Concert, which is a monthly event and the Saddle Fair which happens on the second Saturday of the month makes Santa Elena a great destination to visit anytime of the year.

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