Essentials for Working While Traveling in Chiang Mai

It can be tough to try and keep organized while trying to work in Chiang Mai. Chang Mai is the fourth largest city in Thailand, located just over 400 miles away from Bangkok. Lately it has been called the top destination for digital nomads. There are so many factors that make nomads flock to this city but at the same time you need to come prepared!

Make sure you have the right Backpack for during the day

The right travel backpack is essential to making sure you have everything you’ll need for the day as you spend your time in an internet cafe. has a nice selection of travel backpacks that come in all different colors and styles. The best part is that there’s enough room for multiple necessities that you would need throughout the day. There’s even a pocket for your cellphone!

It’s A Tropical Climate

Chiang Mai gets hot! Very Hot! If your planning on going to any type of business meeting make sure you take a taxi. You can always bring an extra shirt, but at the same time the cab prices are so cheap that taking a cab is the way to go. Even during January the temperature usually wont dip below 60 at night.


When it comes to internet speed and connection Chiang Mai is considered to have the most reliable connection in the country. This is why it is such a popular destination for digital nomads. Internet never costs more than $25 a month but make sure you choose the right company. There are many people that would be happy to lead you in the right direction while your there.  When it comes to getting data for your phone you should never pay more than $6 a month. The $6 should pay for unlimited 3G connection and unlike in other countries their data goes all the way down to 1G so make sure you choose 3G.


Of course Chiang Mai has many downsides when it comes to working there but with these essentials you should already be ahead of the game.  Don’t worry about the language differences because most people there are nomads and you should feel right at home.