How To Plan a Group Holiday

The overwhelming excitement and endorphin rush of planning a holiday is hard to beat, and it’s extra special if you share your travels with friends or family. Yes, we’re talking about group travel. What better way to enjoy the good times and make amazing memories than on a holiday with a group of like-minded souls – your tribe. The people who put the fun into friendship and the enjoyment into your escapades. But how to get started? And how to tackle the logistical nightmare of getting several friends from A to B? And cater for diets you can’t even pronounce? Here’s our guide on how to plan a group holiday; one that will ensure your group is a happy troop.

Choose the right tribe!

It might sound obvious but it’s more complex than it appears. We’re talking being on the same wavelength when it comes to agreeing the deal-breakers of a smooth group holiday – budgets, personalities and interests. When all factors are thrown in the mixing pot, it’s the right blend of individuals; those with a shared mindset and matching depth of pockets that will make the difference between your holiday being a roaring success or frenetic flop. Make sure your group are all on the same page, especially when it comes to agreeing the destination. There needs to be something for everyone to enjoy and do. And also consider that this may vary by gender, so if you’re a group of guys, consider the most popular lads holiday destinations to visit.

Set clear boundaries

By this we mean you should agree the non-negotiables such as travel dates, destinations, accommodation types, amenities (do they cater for your vegan friends?) and activities match that of your friends’ interests. These essentials can easily be overlooked. And when people are paying, they have certainly got a say! The devil is in the detail and making your group feel at home while away.

Create groups

One of the most important parts of your group-holiday planning – create a virtual place where your group can all meet, agree, share thoughts, itineraries and important documents. Set up a Facebook Messenger group or WhatsApp group and plan to FaceTime or Google Hangout every few weeks to ensure the planning goes smoothly. Facebook Group has handy features including files so you can store communications and essential documents. The polling function allows you to get quick feedback on those excursion plans! And of course, there’s the obligatory photo album for storing post-trip memories.

Assign tasks

So, Sally’s a great organiser and Bev’s a foodie, Helen loves hunting down the best insurance deal on Compare the Market and Sue loves a good spreadsheet. So, you already have your planning dream team. You just need to use their skills, bring everyone together and plan as a team. List everything that’s needed to plan your group trip, step-by-step, and then assign tasks to people based on their strengths. Use the list as the agenda for your Google Hangouts to make sure that everything is moving along nicely. And don’t forget deadlines; things will get missed if there’s no incentive to complete by a specific date.


It’s all about the plan! Make sure the plan includes travel time and free time, as well as allowing extra time to find your way around unfamiliar places.  Make sure a copy is shared with everyone before they leave for the trip.

In summary, planning a group holiday means making a pledge to each other to play their part in making your getaway one to remember. Be sure that everyone agrees what you want to achieve – be it a mixture of fun, adventure or pure relaxation. Make it your group motto! It’s so important that everyone agrees to respect others; that means being punctual where things are arranged, and respecting each others’ need for space. Have a fabulous time on your travels!