Top Tips for a Casino Holiday

For fans of casinos, whether around where they live or even of the online variety, a casino holiday is the chance to experience something different.  Travelling to another country to gamble is relatively simple but there are still tips to take into account to enjoy a fun and possibly profitable vacation.


Development of the casino holiday

Many countries are realizing the benefits of offering casino tourism.  People who enjoy looking through the Irish Casino Guide or trying the latest games offered from companies nearer to home are often drawn to travel abroad for a new experience.

Australia recently said that its top three visited locations weren’t famous landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge but rather their big casinos.  As a result, travel companies are now beginning to create casino holiday packages specifically for people who are interested in visiting casinos rather than landmarks.

What to remember

One of the first things to remember when you are travelling is the exchange rate.  For example, if you travel from the UK to Australia, £1 will get you around $1.70 so if you bet $20 this is costing you around £11.50.  Exchange rates also change rapidly so keep an eye open in case your money is suddenly worth more or less than you planned.

Tax laws are another interesting and confusing area.  US gamblers pay a percentage of their winnings in tax but in Australia, for example, you retain 100% of your winnings.  Before travelling, always find out if you will be required to pay any of your winnings in tax or if you will face any charges when you bring the money home.

Learn about local customs when visiting a place too.  Countries such as Australia are very culturally similar to the US and the UK but Asian countries can be very different.  Tipping is a big thing to understand and is considered an important etiquette to learn.  Some countries make it illegal to tip dealers as it could be seen to influence them while other countries it is considered rude not to tip any serving staff such as waitresses.

Having fun abroad

Travelling abroad to visit a casino can be great fun and a thrilling experience.  Doing a little research beforehand ensures the best possible experience and means you don’t get into any trouble.  Always ensure you use legal, well established casinos for your safety and protection and remember to gamble sensibly.