3 Foods You Should Try in London

Welcome to London, a bustling historic metropolis that is famous all over the world as Great Britain’s capital city, known for its grand pageantry  top of the line theatre performances and historic sites. London is one of the great cities in the world, and a must see.


One of the best ways to make the most of the city is to stay in one of the many vacation apartments in London – although you will have a kitchen to cook your own meals in, trying some of the fast food dishes that are typical for London and the UK is a must!

There are many foods that are typical to Londoners, and three of these are being featured for discerning palates who wish to experience typical English food.

Our Famous Fish n Chips

Fish and chip shops are in abundance througout the city. However, a visit to Olley’s in South London is a good experience, this is an award winning restaurant famous for its fish.

All types of fish are deliciously prepared at this down home location with an old world atmosphere, but the fish and chips are outstanding. Across from Olley’s is the popular Brockwell Park, where you will get a great view of the city of London.

You may dine at Olley’s or prefer to eat your fish and chips in the park, which has tennis courts, bowling greens, walking and jogging lanes and areas to relax as you watch the world go by.

Bangers and Mash

What is this you might ask? It is a popular English meal eaten for breakfast dinner or supper, consisting of sausage made from pork or beef and mashed potatoes. This is often served with onions, beans, peas and a lot of gravy.

Where do you get this dish? This is a famous pub meal because it is easy to prepare, inexpensive and very filling.

As you walk through the city of London you will notice pubs on every corner, look out for one that has bangers and mash on its marquee, this is where you will want to stop and enjoy this very popular meal that can be eaten while you enjoy a pint of draft beer.

The Meat Pie

We will now take you to an upscale restaurant in London on the banks of the Thames River, called the Savoy Grill for lunch or dinner. The Savoy Hotel dates back to 1889, and the restaurant is an historic eating place for the likes of Winston Churchil and Oscar Wilde.

The decor is historically preserved in memory of the famous people who ate there, inclusive of Frank Sinatra, Rex Harrison and Marilyn Monroe to name a few of its patrons.The meat pie is an old English favourite, as this was a meal that could be preserved long before refrigerators were invented. This mainstay has now been reintroduced by the staff at the Savoy Grill as onion meat pie, and is one of its popular dishes.

It is simply light pastry with delicious meat inside, baked to perfection and garnished with onions. This is served with a choice of vegetables, rice or potatoes on the side.Prices at Savoy Grill are not out of reach for the average person.

Eating there will be an event to remember when visiting London, also an interesting and historical place to eat an onion meat pie.

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