5 Things To Do In Barcelona

Barcelona covers a large parcel of Spanish terrain. Within this land consists an endless array of boutiques, parks, and other recreational venues tourists can visit and experience during their stay.


Sadly, tourists with limited time on their hands won’t be able to trek this colorful and diverse city and explore all of its wonders. For this very reason, it makes sense to know outright which hotspots to tour and which ones you can just ditch until your next visit.

La Rambla

Make your way to one of the most prominent boulevards in the world. La Rambla is worth visiting even if you only have a day to spare. Serving as a gateway to the province of Catalonia, the mile stretches of road swarms with statues and monuments, artists and performers, and tourists.

Vibrant gardens line the streets along with a cultural exhibition center and the diverse La Boqueria market. Some amenities do cost money, but the activities you have the opportunity to witness are worth the price.

There are many vacation apartments in Barcelona and La Rambla is definitely among the most popular locations as it’s close to so many different attractions and great restaurants.

Music Industry

Barcelona is a city lively and loud all year long. A number of live music events transpire in Barcelona in popular international venues like the Apolo and Razzmatazz. Grand concert halls are also a spectacle for music lovers, such as the Gran Teatre del Liceu, which is adorned by golden leaves, plush red carpets, and richly detailed carvings.


Walking in the parks and streets of Barcelona is not just your regular stroll, but an artistic experience as well. The lush gardens of the Teatre Grec and the surplus art pieces of Fundacio Joan Miro museum will send spine chills to the art enthusiast at heart.


A trip to Barcelona isn’t complete without munching on some fresh seafood delicacies. Tourists will get a chance to dine in some of the many five-star seafood restaurants in the city including Rias de Galicia and the Cachitos. A great selection of seafood cuisines await tourists with grumbling stomachs.

Sweet Treats

For tourists with a knack for sweets, Barcelona is a haven. Places to visit to satisfy your craving for sweets include Escriba and Papa Bubble. For some creamy hot chocolate during cold, rainy days, visit the popular milk bar of La Granja.

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