5 fun things to do on Corfu

Swimming in this water is just one of the fun things to do on Corfu

The bad news: summer is slipping away with each passing day. They are getting shorter, the breezy, cool days of fall draw closer with each sunset during the month of August, and when they arrive, the carefree life that this glorious season allows will be far off in the distance as winter looms. The good news: this doesn’t really apply in the islands of Greece (at least until November), so once the hordes of holidaymakers fly away for their home cities across the continent near the end of August, it leaves all the beaches in these idyllic destinations virtually empty while the weather is still quite acceptable.

With the relentless heat of mid-summer gone (40 degrees Celsius!) by September, the daytime highs are typically within a more human range, with temps in the mid 20’s to low 30’s through the month. As a result of this, you can still enjoy a break from the grind of your daily existence, all while skipping the crowds that plague the high season.

So go ahead and book that perfect all-inclusive holiday in Corfu … while you do that, we’ll list off five fun things do on Corfu so that your time here will be filled with interesting and intriguing activities and attractions. Let’s get started!

1) Hike up Mount Pantokrator

While you can drive to the top (don’t cheat if you’re physically able, c’mon now!), it’s much more of an accomplishment to heft your way to the roof of the island of Corfu, Mount Pantokrator. The climb will be much more comfortable in the moderate warmth of September, and with a monastery and a cafe awaiting you at the top, there are many rewards that you will gain by inserting this bit of physical activity into your holiday.

2) Try kitesurfing at Chalikounas Beach

If you aren’t done exerting yourself, and want to learn a new sport on your leave from home, then heading to the less populated Chalikounas Beach to pick up kitesurfing is a possibility that you should consider. This place is worth visiting by itself, as it is protected from development by local authorities, preserving its wildness.

The aspect that makes it special though is the winds that make awesome kitesurfing an exciting reality, and with lessons available and shallow sandy bottoms making landings worry-free, it is an ideal place to learn!

3) Charter a yacht

Got a little extra cash to burn and want to feel like Richard Branson for a day? Chartering a yacht is the perfect way to do this, as providers will provide a skipper even if you don’t know how to sail, and many luxury packages including food and drink are available. Setting out into the Ionian Sea for a day and with a glass of champagne in hand, you’ll hardly remember the drudgery you left behind at home.

4) Explore the Achilleion

While there are ruins to explore around Greece, Corfu’s most impressive building is much more recent, as the Achilleion, built only in the 19th century for the Empress of Austria. Back in the 1980’s, it was the location of scenes shot for the Bond film For Your Eyes Only, but today, it is an art museum with many excellent paintings, sculptures, and lush gardens.

5) Indulge in its throbbing nightlife

Once darkness settles upon the land, the party people come out to play. While not as many of them will be out in September, Corfu’s status as an international travel destination ensures that backpackers, flashpackers and other perpetual travelers will be out patronizing its many well-provisioned bars. From bistros to fully decked-out dance nightclubs, there is a place in Corfu that will suit your personality.

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