Top Tourist Attractions In Poland

The main town square of Krakow is one of the top tourist attractions in Poland ... photo by CC user Diether on wikimedia

The top tourist attractions in Poland are among the best places to visit in Eastern Europe. It is interesting to take note that this was the country where Pope John Paul II was born. A huge number of tourists are curious to unlock the secrets of this nation. Even though history has placed Poland in the shadows of Mother Russia both in the consecutive World War eras and the Iron Curtain of USSR, there are relatively more tourists in this country than its bigger counterpart. Knowing where to go in Poland will truly give avid travelers a splendid memory worth keeping for a lifetime.

1. Main Market Square in Krakow

The main market square in Krakow was established around the 13th Century and was considered the largest medieval town in Europe. A different environment greets the visitors of this territory, one that takes them back in the time. Enclosing the historic square are buildings that are patterned after the Renaissance architecture – from palaces to churches to residential townhouses and hostels. One building that stands out is the Cloth Hall, built around 1555. Those that take a weekend break to Krakow will have their itineraries full the entire time.

2. Gdansk Old Town

Gdansk Old Town, from an aerial view, is a collection of conjoined buildings with red-tiled roofs. A clock tower stands out as a centerpiece of this ancient Germanic city. Many of the buildings from 15th to 17th Century still exist such as churches, granaries and mills. The mosaic wall pastel paints of each building add up to this area’s aesthetic appeal, making it one of the most popular of the top tourist attractions in Poland.

3. Wielizcka Salt Mine

This salt mine is nothing like any salt mine can see in other places of the world. The mere fact that this 13th Century industrial unit resembles a majestic underground cathedral complex makes it one of the top tourist attractions in Poland. The polished stone floors reflect the radiance of the fine chandeliers and candles. The area of Wielizcka Salt Mine is so vast that it is practically an underground city itself.

4. Slowinski Sand Dunes

The Slowinski Sand Dunes are located on the coast of the Baltic Sea and is a major part of the Slowinski National Park. The area has earned the moniker “moving dunes” because of how the wind could carry the sands further inland of up to 30 meters high. In this area lies the open-air museum right within the town of Kluki. This museum features the relics and artifacts left behind by the early namesake inhabitants known as the Slovincians.

5. Masurian Lake

For mild-manned eco-tourists who enjoy a picnic in the dairy grasslands by midday, the Masurian Lake is a perfect venue for them. This lake shares borders with Lithuania and are connected to over a thousand minor lakes through an extensive network of streams and rivers. The Masurian Lakeside has an abundant number of hotels, guest houses and campsites – various accommodations to keep the nature-loving travelers staying and having a wonderful vacation worth remembering.

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