Your Bulgarian Holiday Guide

Bulgaria is not the typical holiday destination of most tourists, however this makes it one of the most stunning places to travel without the hordes of holiday makers that swarm over Europe as soon as the weather turns nice.


Though the summer high season in Bulgaria is, like most other Northern Hemisphere resorts, July and August, Bulgaria also enjoys a busy winter season around Christmas and New Year due to the popularity of the ski resorts.

Bulgaria is a country that has something for everyone, and can offer very cheap holidays for those looking to get away on a budget. As well as the winter ski season, Bulgaria also offers sunny beach holidays and amazing culture and history.

The country is packed to the brim with ancient fortresses, Roman theatres and monasteries. You don’t need to go far to be able to immerse yourself in the culture of the beautiful country.

The capital city, Sofia, is known for being overbuilt, dreary and busy, but it also has masses of beautiful architecture that should not be overlooked. For example, the Ivan Vazov National Theatre is an important landmark in the city, and the oldest theatre in the country.

The city also plays host to many museums which house gold and silver from the country’s 1300 year old past of invasion by the Byzantines and Turks.

If you head out of the capital city, you will find stunning beaches along the coastline bordering the Black Sea. Check out the aptly named 10km long Sunny Beach for a typical beach experience, and explore the historic quarter of Nessebar while you’re there. Or head further north to Irakli for the unspoiled beauty of ancient Obzor.

For an alternative to the beaches, you don’t need to head too far inland to find the country’s natural beauty spots in amongst the lakes and mountains.

Dotted on the beautiful landscape are tiny, authentic Bulgarian villages where you must take some time to visit the ancient churches and caves. There are plenty of activities for the more active too, such as hiking, biking and rock climbing.

Bulgaria is a stunning country with plenty to offer, its most attractive feature being its beautiful landscape with a scarce number of tourists.

It’s bound to become more and more popular as people realise just how amazing it is for the tiny price, so make sure to book yourself a holiday there now before the unspoilt country gets ruined.

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