Experience The Best Islands in Hawaii

Hawaii is made up of a number of small islands, offering a variety of activities on each with plenty of options for accommodation rentals. Hawaii the Big Island, Maui, Oahu and Kauai are the 4 that I will be covering today. Hawaii is also the 50th state in the USA.


Whether you are wanting to experience history, culture, exquisite scenery or just to shop shop shop till you drop, the state of Hawaii will happily oblige.

Hawaii, The Big Island

The Big Island offers a multitude of things to do, whether you’re after surfing, snorkelling or hiking, Hawaii has it on site. This particular island is also home to Volcanoes National Park, which still has an active volcano and offers spectacular photos of hot lava flowing down the mountainous terrain.

You can hike through the national park with a guide and spot some beautiful plant and wildlife on your way.

Maui Magic

Maui is just north west of Hawaii and has more than 80 beaches to explore. Each beach offers different delights including different hues in the sand you walk on. Black, white, red and even green are just a handful of what you could expect to find.

A day trip out to Hana on the Hana Highway is a wonderful journey along unspoilt coastal roads, but beware this trip is full of twists and turns. However, the waterfalls and rainforest’s you will encounter will take your breath away.


This island is home to Honolulu, Pearl Harbor and Waikiki Beach. Most international flights will arrive and depart from this island and to travel on to another island will mean booking a connecting flight ahead of your travels.

Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii and is well known for its shopping, dining and entertaining nightlife and beaches. A lot of foreigners from neighboring countries like Australia love visiting Hawaii during the holidays since they have some of the best pipelines in the world. There are surfing competitions that happen every couple months which is always fun for a visiting Aussie to see and experience. Shopping is always a new experience in Hawaii since there are outlets that stretch for miles ranging from Louis Vuitton to Pac Sun. If nightlife is what you are looking for, there are locals who advertise party buses that will take you to all of the hottest clubs and supply you with alcoholic beverages. It is important that you learn how to bargain, usually you can talk down their asking price quite a bit. For something more historic, why not visit the iconic site of Pearl Harbor and gain a better understanding of the involvement that this location had in World War 2.


This is the island that is commonly known as the ‘Island of Discovery’. This island was the first to be discovered by Captain Cook. It has river parks, canyons, grottos and the usually surfing, snorkelling and diving. A trip to Waimea Canyon is a view to be witnessed in person. Majestically spread out scenery of valleys, cliffs, beaches and luscious greenery will take you breath away.

If you can’t decide on just the 1 island, because they all sound to good to be true, you can book a cruise. There are a number of cruises to choose from and most of which sail at night whilst you sleep and by the time you wake up in the morning you’re ready for a new adventure on a new island.

This will give you a basic overview of what each of them has to offer and then next time you head back to this tropical oasis you can spend longer in your favourite locations.

Emma Jane has been a freelance travel writer for 4 years. She has recently been invited to go on a press trip to cruise the Alaska and described it as once in a lifetime experience.

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