Top 5 Attractions in London

There are many attractions in London...

With over thirteen million inhabitants, a history spanning over two millennia and a culture and cache that is world renowned, London is high up on travellers’ bucket lists worldwide.

A global city, London features the best of the world’s arts, commercial, fashion and entertainment, and as such the attractions the city has to offer to visitors are first rate.

Although many of the best of London’s sights are well known, visitors can often find it hard to pick from the vast panoply of things to do in the city’s 33 districts- here are out five favourite picks to assist would-be visitors.

British Museum 

Often featuring at the top of lists of the world’s best museums the British Museum is a wonder to behold for lovers of history, archaeology and anthropology. With exhibits that reach as far back in time as 2,000,000 BCE (a chopping tool found in Tanzania used by ancient human species), the museum also features artefacts from ancient Babylonia, Macedonia, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt.

National Gallery 

Set in the near-imperial majesty of Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery is home to a huge number of world-renowned paintings dating from between the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries. Van Gogh, da Vinci, Tenoir, Botticelli and Titian; all of history’s great works are featured here and are truly a sight to behold.

The Casino at the Empire 

For lovers of all things exciting, gripping and adrenaline-fuelled, though still retaining a glitzy and glamorous atmosphere, the Casino at the Empire Ballroom is a must for those that want a taste of gambling, as well as some of the best food in London.

The Houses of Parliament 

One of the most recognised buildings on the globe, the seat of government for the United Kingdom is a splendid and tradition-steeped attraction. Visitors can take a tour around the warren-like interior of the building during the summer recesses of parliament, seeing the building that was raised from the ashes in 1840 after a fire destroyed the previous houses.

London Eye 

Though maligned by Londoners for it’s price and often rather long queues, visitors shouldn’t let these issues put them off taking a trip 135 metres into the air above the British capital. The thirty minute rotation offers sublime views over the city, so make sure you visit on a clear day to enjoy the 25-mile panorama.

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