Bahamas – For The Classy Traveler

I’ve always wanted to go on a Caribbean cruise – the one thing stopping me is that I like to explore, not just visit for a few hours. One destination that has always stood out is the Bahamas.


Blinding white sand, crystal clear waters, swaying palms – that’s the picture I have. I was surprised to find that this other-worldly paradise is only 9 hours away. Long-haul flying is exhausting, yet made easier and cheaper with airport extras.

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As for hotels, there are many options to find hotels near the airport. Some hotel booking sites have functions to help search by proximity to the airport that can help you with the Bahamas and pretty much any other Caribbean island as well.

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There’s plenty to see in the Bahamas, and all at a pace that is chilled – perfect for a break from the grind. Of course, the weather doesn’t hurt either – I do have an obsession with beaches, I think this is because I live as far inland as it’s possible to get, so sea and sand is a novelty, however even a beach lover like myself has to admit that the beaches here are arguably some of the best in the world.

Water-sports are plentiful and great fun, I’d recommend trying at least one. A favourite of mine is jet-skiing – a real thrill. Because it sounds like such a novelty, I’d recommend visiting Pink Sands Beach, which, you guessed it, has pink sand!

When I think of the Bahamas, I think of marine life, so it would be a crime not to go and visit some – it’s really awe-inspiring and I’d say if you do one thing, make it this.

Getting around the Bahaman islands is quite easy, but I think it’s best to hire a car – that way you can really explore.

A visit to the capital, Nassau, is a must do, with lots of shopping opportunities. Also make sure you visit Christ Church Cathedral, which is an imposing sight, dominating the scenery. Nassau is the place for shopping and there’s duty free! Oh I do love those two words.

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One excursion I always do wherever I go away is a boat-trip and in the Bahamas, the quality goes up a notch. You’re not guaranteed to see a dolphin, but it’s likely, along with beautiful scenery and old lighthouses.

A day’s floating, with a cocktail in your hand, if you’re like me, is really the typical holiday relaxation I look for. Head to the harbour in Nassasu for the best selection.

What is there to do at night? Lots! Night-life is colourful, especially on Grand Bahama Island with many bars, clubs and restaurants.

However, I like to combine my wild nights with quieter ones, and a delicious meal and a few glasses of rum goes down nicely. Bahamian food is typically spicy, but there’s plenty of selection.

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To me, the Bahamas are the epitome of classy paradise – I only wish I was on one of those beaches now!

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