5 Dream Destinations

Everyone has a list of the top places they would most like to visit. These are mine…



My first choice would probably be to visit Cyprus – the country seems to have a unique and odd mixture of European, Asian and African influences, and the nature seems absolutely breathtaking.

I would stay away from the tourity Agia Napa, and try to find those secret spots where the real culture and traditions still remain.

I like to visit places which other people call “overrun” and destroyed by tourists, to see if I can find places that still have their “souls” left, to prove that the real country is still there if you just look a little bit further.

Costa Rica

With its rainforest, beaches and exciting culture – Costa Rica has a lot to offer. Many of the beaches are perfect for surfing and has a lot of surf schools.

Costa Rica is often nicknamed “the Switzerland of Central America” because of its amazing nature, but my main reason to visit would probably be to see the wildlife.

There are a lot of things to do in Costa Rica besides surfing and wildlife spotting though. In fact, pretty much anything can be done here – apart from winter sports, obviously!

Hiking, snorkeling, diving, zip lining and visiting an active volcano are just a few activities you can do here.


Mongolia is one of those countries which few people have been to and few people know anything about. It has amazing nature, and a unique culture and traditions, with nomads still living the same way they have been for centuries.

The only worry I have is how difficult it would be to be a vegetarian in the country, as all they seem to eat is meat.


With its hot pools, northern lights, rugged wild scenery and stunning nature, Iceland is begging to be explored.

Waterfalls, horse riding and hiking are the three main things I would do on a visit to Iceland, but there is much more to explore.


To go on a wild life safari in Kenya is high on my bucket list of things to do, but before I go I would need to invest in a better camera.

While you really do get close to the animals, having a crappy camera still won’t capture the moment, so if you’ve planned to go soon, keep this in mind. Even though it might cost a little extra, it will be worth it.

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