New York’s Food Trail

With such a huge variety of things to see and do, New York is and probably always will be one of the hottest destinations to visit.


Not only do you have famous theaters like Broadway, but tons of smaller venues, and with its many neighborhoods you can explore a different side of New York every day of the week, from china town to upper class neighborhoods to hippie quarters etc.

But one very good reason that often doesn’t come to mind at first as a reason to take holidays to New York, is the food.

New York is always first with the latest trends and is a melting pot of cuisines from all over the world, and often you’ll find that the different cuisines can be found in specific neighborhoods.

But even though you can find pretty much any cuisine there is, New York still has a range of foods that are very typical for the city…

Hot Dogs

There is literally a hot dog stand at every corner of every street in the city, so you have plenty of options. The hot dog was actually created in New York, which might explain the people’s obsession with the dish.

A true New York hot dog always comes with mustard, but never with ketchup, and it’s made on a flat fryer – so none of that boiled yucky stuff!

NY Style Cheesecake

The New York style cheesecakes are smooth, creamy, rich and dense – and tastes like heaven! Just like New York, it goes all out and isn’t afraid of being too much.

The bottom has Graham’s crackers, and the filling is made from cream cheese, with a third layer of sour cream.

Try it, I guarantee you’ll LOVE it!


The New York Pizza is actually not that different from the Italian pizza, with wide shape, thin crust and mozzarella cheese. Because of its foldability, you usually fold the pizza slices before eating them.

You can find the New York pizzas both in slices as well as whole pizzas, and are often (in contrary to Italy) eaten as a street snack.

Egg Cream

Egg Cream is a beverage made from chocolate syrup, milk and soda water – a strange combination to say the least.

The drink is associated with Brooklyn, which was the home to the candy store owner Louis Auster, the man believed to have invented the drink in the 19th century.


The New York bagel contains salt and malt and is boiled in water before being baked in a wood-fire oven, making it soft and puffy inside, with a moist crust.

It’s often eaten as a breakfast meal, but you can find it throughout the day in shops around the city.

Typical toppings are cream cheese, or cheese and vegetables.

Many New York City apartments for rent don’t have very well equipped kitchens, so you’ll find that many locals simply choose to eat all their meals out – including breakfast.

Luckily, breakfast bagels are super cheap, and while they might not be the healthiest foods to eat, but boy do they taste good!

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