6 Awesome Places in Turkey

Turkey has a huge variety and diversity for travelers, whether they want to spend time by the beach, go shopping or explore incredible nature and fascinating history.

Add the many cheap holidays Turkey offers from destinations all over Europe, and you can see why it’s a place you must visit.

Turkey has a lot to offer for anyone, but there are some spots that really stand out from the rest. Also, a Turkey e visa can be applied online and the best part  is that visa is issued almost instantly..



This strange land with moon-like landscape, underground cities, cave churches and houses carved into rocks is really an otherworldly experience. With a long history and traditions, people come to explore the strange houses (some which you can even stay in), and fly with air-balloons above the peaks. There is an annual hot-balloon festival in Cappadoccia, but you can experience it throughout the whole year.


Istanbul is a city with a very unique location. Half of the city is situated in Europe, while the other half in Asia – this means that you can visit two continents in one and the same day! It is divided by the Bosphorus Strait, which is perfect for an Istanbul dinner cruise.


In Ephesus you will find some of the oldest ruins of a Roman city in the world, and on top of it all it is very well preserved – with a library, a brothel, homes, baths and a theater, it is fascinating to get such an insightful glimpse into the Roman past.


Sometimes nicknamed “the cotton castle”, this white place with travertines surrounding cascading shallow pools of thermal water is one of the most famous places in Turkey.

Some are impressed, others are disappointed – often it has to do with what time during the year you visit.


With its quaint Greek architecture and its friendly people, this village in the Central Aegean is one of the prettiest villages in the country – and it has some of the best wind surfing!


The Blue lagoon, located in Ölüdeniz, is probably the most famous beach in Turkey – and for a good reason.

Surrounded by beautiful nature, the crystal clear water and the relaxed atmosphere are the three key ingredients that make the perfect beach destination, and this place has all three.

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