The States are Calling

Holidays can feel a little samey. Year in, year out we trudge to our closest resorts which can promise the same old sun, sea and sand. Off we go with several thousand others, catch a few rays and head home again.


If you fancy branching out and going a little further from home next year, then consider USA holidays. 2013 holidays are already going like hot cakes so instead of repeat booking your usual destination, pop online and see what the tour operators have to offer.

You’ll find plenty of ideas and affordable options to tempt you, such as Thomas Cook holiday deals. Think of a destination, when you would like to go and then search for the resort and deal which best fits your budget. Do you fancy Florida, the sunshine state, or Sin City itself – Las Vegas – which is legendary in its own right? Depending on what you want from your vacation you can pretty much guarantee that whatever it is the States will be able to provide it.

If you are fanatical about fish, then head on over to the Florida Keys. These glorious islands have some of the most sought after diving sites that attract divers from all over the globe. However if you prefer bright lights and all that jazz then there is no doubt about it, you will be heading to Las Vegas.

Probably the most surreal place on the planet, where Elvis is alive and singing on most of the street corners, and you can even get him to marry you and a.n.other. Fancy somewhere more family orientated? Then Florida is the place. Where a full size Mickey Mouse lures you and your little ones into the Disney Kingdom, dolphins swim alongside you at SeaWorld making dreams come true for the whole family.

With such variety and a whole lot more waiting to be discovered, 2013 should be your year for a great vacation.

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