Caribbean – The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

The Caribbean has become one of the most popular destinations for people to spend their honeymoon, and this is for good reasons.

Few other places are so exotic and beautiful, and there are plenty of luxury hotels and romantic locations that are perfect for newly weds.

On a honeymoon, most couples simply want to enjoy the best of life: eat good food, stay in romantic lavish hotels, drink wine on balconies overlooking amazing views, and relax on paradise beaches.

Here are three of the best destinations for honeymoon goers who plan to take Travelbag Caribbean holidays…


Uncrowded beaches, incredible foods and five star restaurants – welcome to Anguilla. An island catering for pure indulgence, this place is just as unforgettable as your honeymoon itself  .


If you’re note very interested in hanging out by quiet beaches but want some more action into your honeymoon vacation, Aruba is your place.

With great nightlife, good shopping, and sporty activities like scuba diving, windsurfing and kitesurfing – Aruba has plenty of fun for those who can’t sit still.


With its French culture, beautiful architecture and stunning sunsets by white sandy beaches – Martinique is a favorite among many honey moon goers.


The Caribbean truly is a mixture of culture, and continuing from the French theme in Martinique, you have the strong British culture in Barbados.

With afternoon tea and cricket, Barbados has embraced their British culture – but with the exotic climate and nice beaches, you will be far away from the dull rainy climate that is Britain. See it as a tropical England!


With its rainforest and national parks, and an impressive amount of rivers (over 365), Dominica is often nicknamed the Caribbean’s very own “garden of Eden”.

The rainforest is waiting to be explored, so take the advantage of booking yourself into an eco hotel, and take hikes, river trips and why not even go whale watching?


If adventure is not your thing, there are few better places to relax than in Jamaica. Time goes at a different pace in Jamaica, and before you notice, time is up and you have to leave again.

But before you do, make sure to take a snorkeling trip off the island and also enjoy the musical heritage that the island is so famous for.

There are many ways to soak up the reggae rhythms, whether it’s by joining a tour to visit Bob Marley’s home, attending some shows or festival, or simply enjoying them at a low key restaurant.

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