Poker Brings Value in Life and Business

The Allure of Poker

I played poker once and was immediately stricken. Poker is not easy not is simple. Guess what? That’s part of the draw for me. I’m always interested in different aspects of life that are interesting, fun, and intriguing. You know what’s even more appealing about the beautiful game of poker? The upside. The game, situs judi online, as it is known in other areas, brings about the chance of significant upside when you are playing with your family, friends, and acquaintances. If you know what you’re doing, you can win a little money and have significant upside every time you play.

But there’s a catch.

As I said earlier, poker and its treasures, doesn’t come easy to many people.

One must have to practice just like the professionals do in other fun sports like golf, basketball, or other competitive fields. If you want to win and do so consistently, you’ll have to practice and understand the different components of the game, and your inner game to succeed.

You might have noticed that I keep categorizing poker as a sport. Its because it is. The sport may involve moving around as you would in business, traveling to tournaments, as you would in sports, and winning in a visceral way.

Poker, Business and Warfare

Prominent businessmen such as Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, and other billionaires, or would be billionaires play the game. They do so, because of the thrill, and because they approach in a different manner than most. As you can see, they also see different results than most.They travel like they want and live how they would like to because of their mindset. Many of these people mentioned fund some of the most interesting companies, and get to attend fascinating events. Many of these financial luminaries, love poker because it mirrors many aspects of their life.

These businessmen take a gamble, maybe not all of them, but they do so in a calculated way. They look at the odds and play the odds to win. They don’t know for a fact if they can win but they don’t hesitate, they calculate and proceed.

Entrepreneurship and business requires you to know the lay of the land. You can’t mess around. Just like in poker, if you bet wrong, you lose money and time. If you lose money and time, you could be less off than other people in the game. The less chips you have to bet, the more likely, you get kicked out of the game. Even Ray Dalio, the Bridgewater Associates Hedge Fund magnate, talked about this in his recent book, Principles.

Poker, business, and life require you to know your place and fold, and when you have a little leeway to bluff and win when you have nothing!

I don’t think that you can be a romantic and be the best in poker, you’ve got to know what is going in concrete reality and look at each hand with clear eyes. They look at life in probabilities and see how they can tilt the odds in their favor.

That’s why poker is fun, exhilarating and something that more people should practice more.