Discovering A Welsh Mountain Town: Top Tourist Attractions In Brecon

For many, simply strolling the streets will rank among the top tourist attractions in Brecon

Just like other towns in Wales, you can expect that there are a lot of amazing sights to be seen by the intrepis traveler, and the  top tourist attractions in Brecon certainly don’t disappoint. That’s why if you plan to have a short term vacation, then a stop in Brecon will be your one way ticket to a wonderful summer holiday.

Its various tourist hotspots will definitely make you want to explore more, which is why you shouldn’t bum around at home, as there is so much to see in Brecon.

One of the more interesting museums that you will find is The Regimental Museum of The Royal Welsh, which showcases a collection of military artifacts that are certainly rank among the best in their class. The museum also tells a story about memorable events of British History, making it a truly compelling stop for fans of the past. Its main highlights are the Rorkes Drift & Zulu Wars, which will definitely impress you.

If you are on a religious pilgrimage, or if you simply admire churches, then Brecon Cathedral should be your next stop. The Cathedral was established by the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon and is the mother church of the Diocese. What sets it apart from the other buildings is that it is located in a closed wall and is considered as one of the best buildings in Wales and undeniably among the top tourist attractions in Brecon. Everyone is welcome to visit the cathedral even if you are not Christian, or even religious for that matter.

After a day of strolling and sightseeing, you might want to visit Cantref Adventure Farm and Riding Center. There’s an indoor play area, a farmhouse café for relaxation, as well as an animal petting farm that kids and adults will surely enjoy. It is a great bonding time for families and if you want something fun and entertaining, the center also has a circus which means fun for everybody all day long.

If any of those activities are still not to your liking and you want some adventure, then you can try the Cantref Horse Riding Center, where you can do pony-trekking, or horseback riding. For those that consider themselves novices, there are horse riding lessons, making it accessible for even beginners.

Another adventure site that certainly belongs to the top tourist attractions in Brecon are activities in the Black Mountains, which is great for those looking to hold team building events. For those travelling with friends, families or locals who would just like to do something different, then it is the best place to do that.

It has a lot of activities to choose from ranging from land based activities to water based activities. So what are you waiting for? Pack your stuff and get yourself ready for a fun filled day in the Black Mountains.

Brecon is a town which attracts tourists with its simple beauty. It is a place where you can just lose yourself in exploring the beautiful attractions that it has to offer. There’s so much to do, whether you endeavor to stroll its narrow streets, appreciate its Georgian architecture or just simply enjoying your day with the various activities offered in Brecon.

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