Top Destinations In Livingston

Far below lies the top destinations in Livingston ... can you do them all in one day?

The top destinations in Livingston are relatively difficult to enumerate knowing that this town was just established in 1962. This town is identified as a post-war new town and it was primarily created for one reason. Glasgow’s population is so constricting that the government decides to create new settlements for inhabitants to relocate from this very constricting environment.

Livingston is the largest town in the West Lothian area established as a collection of villages such as Livingston Village, Bellsquarry and Livingston Station. This town is considered to be the second largest settlement in all of Scotland since its existence is determined by residential zoning and development.

Its population reaches about 50,826 citizens according to the recent 2001 census. No doubt its number of residents continues to grow in number these days after twelve years. The namesake of Livingston is derived from a 12th Century Flemish (Belgian) entrepreneur named De Leving was granted land in the area.

1. Almond Valley Heritage Center

The best places for tourism are often those venues where an entire family can have fun together. If one were to seek such a place in this predominantly residential area in West Lothian, the Almond Valley Heritage Center is the most ideal of the top destinations in Livingston.

This venue is a recreational park that combines the function of a public open barnyard and a playground. This place is teeming with docile animals that toddlers can mingle without getting harmed. A flock of sheep proves to be ideal playmates for kids. This public recreational ground also has a scenic riverbank where one can unwind or have picnics.

2. Almondvale Shopping Center

The Almondvale Shopping Center is also an important venue among the list of top destinations in Livingston. Originally, this depot center is built to serve the community by selling the basic needs of the townsfolk. It was first built in 1969 and was later refurbished by the Land Security in 1988.

It expanded about 230,000 square feet further during its completion in, reaching a total perimeter of about 550,000 square feet. This landmark represents the town’s vibrant commercial culture.

3. East of Scotland Cricket Association

Livingston also has a healthy sports culture. One of the best places to visit when it comes to supporting the local sports culture is the East of Scotland Cricket Association. There are over nine branches of this association’s cricket clubs strewn all over Scotland.

4. Livingston Mosque and Community Center

People may not necessarily expect surprising things from a residential area of Livingston but this town has something that may appeal to inquisitive types of people. The Livingston Mosque and Community Center is one of the few places in Scotland where the novelty Muslim community outside the core area of United Kingdom thrived.

People could learn a thing or two on how Muslims coexist with citizens in Western countries, especially after the several decades of negative stigma attached to their identity.

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