Top 7 Russian foods to try in St. Petersburg.

The stunning city of St. Petersburg, hailed by many travellers as the most romantic and most charming of all the cities in eastern Europe has a lot more to offer than just sites, luxurious hotels and historical buildings.  In fact, things like the cuisine are as reputable as the city itself.  With that in mind here are 7 Russian culinary specialties you need to sink your teeth into on your next trip to St. Petersburg.

1. Borsch


This staple Russian and Ukranian beetroot based soup is typically prepared with meat in St. Petersburg, although vegetarian options can always be found.  Served with a dash of sour cream ‘smetana’ Borsch tastes delicious, especially in the cold winters.

2. Caviar


There are two main types of Caviar in Russia. The pricier variation is roe from sturgeon and is black in colour whilst the cheaper red caviar, which is also far more common, is roe taken from salmon.  Try it with a glass of champagne.

3. Okroschka

Okroshcka is a Russian cold soup that contains an unlikely concoction of ingredients and better enjoyed in the summer.  Kvas, a slightly alcoholic drink made from fermented rye and barley is used alongside spring onions, cucumbers, ham and boiled eggs and is found all over the city.  If you’re lucky enough to be invited into a Russian home this is one of those things that every family has its own recipe for.

4. Blini

Blini are a type of buttery pancake that can be filled with anything from jam to caviar and are on sale all over, from kiosks to the classiest restaurants.

5. Pelmeni


Pelmeni are similar to ravioli but bigger and come in various shapes and prices.  Served in a clear broth or with a helpful serving of Smetana they are filled with meat.

6. Schi

This other staple that has been around for centuries is a delicious warming cabbage based soup that combines the flavours of herbs, meat and vegetables.  Try this once and you’ll be craving some more.

7. Vareniki

Vareniki can be either sweet or savory.  Although Served mostly as a dessert these are similar to Pelmeni but are in essence boiled dumplings that can be filled with either potato and mushroom and accompanied with Smetana (yes the Russians tend to put sour cream on everything) or eaten with sweeter fillings such as cherry or curd.


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