Why Tokyo Is Such A Popular Tourist Destination


Have you always wanted to go to Tokyo, but something has always been holding you back? Here are some great reasons to book your flight now.


One of the lowest crime rates in the world, Japan really makes you feel as though you are safe to walk around, even if you are by yourself, in the middle of the night. This is one of Japan’s strongest positive points, as many tourists worry about being mugged or attacked, while staying in many other cities. Of course, still be wise with your belongings, but you are a lot safer in Tokyo than many other capital cities.

Reliable Public Transport

Trains are reliable in Japan, so if you plan to explore the city via public transport, you can expect on-time, regular trains. Just don’t get used to it, as you will have to go home eventually (back to our unreliable system)!

If you’re feeling a tad daunted by all of the kanji surrounding you (even though most of the signs will have an English translation too), you can book a private car to get to your hotel from the airport.  You don’t always want to attempt to navigate the public transport system, when you are hugely jet-lagged.

Spectacular Food

It’s no coincidence that Tokyo has more Michelin star restaurants than any other city in the world. The food here really is amazing. Try your best to be open-minded, and sample lots of different things. Don’t miss this opportunity to eat new, interesting dishes.

Amazing Festivals

Tokyo does some amazing festivals throughout the year, so if you can time your holiday to coincide with one of these, you’ll be in for a treat. Some great options are Hanami (cherry blossom viewing), Sumida River Hanabi (fireworks), and the Koenji Awa Odori (dance festival). It’ll be an extremely fun experience, and it’s a great opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture.

Tokyo Tower

Another famous landmark, Tokyo Tower is a lovely place to admire the city’s views. It’s actually larger than the Eiffel Tower, and – on a clear day – you might even be able to pick out Mount Fuji in the distance. The cityscape is stunning, so it’s certainly worth seeing it from a vantage point.

Shibuya Crossing

Made famous over the years, Shibuya Crossing is known for the mass of people that suddenly surge across this area. No matter how many times you have seen this on TV, it doesn’t prepare you for actually being a part of this yourself; especially at night, and at rush hour.


Japanese hospitality and service really is something else. It’s borderline creepy (jokes, jokes). Japan knows how to look after its customers, and you’ll notice that the people working will receive you with a smile, even in thankless jobs. If you like the best service possible – especially on holiday – even the capital city will wow you.