Top Reasons To Visit Thailand

The top reasons to visit Thailand are all spurred by the fact that this country is one of the fastest developing nations in Southeast along the Mekong region. Although it is pretty much still categorized as Third World, Thailand has a very positive reception in the perspective of global media. It is interesting to note that Thailand is the only country in Asia that was never fully colonized by one imperial power. While the Portuguese established trade routes in the Kingdom of Siam in the 16th Century, they share a balance of power with the Japanese exiles and the predominant Chinese influence that serves as a very powerful deterrent. The French and British came during its advent to modernization and were integral partners to the nation’s evolution. Thailand’s unique culture is what draws travelers from overseas.

Good Reasons To Visit Thailand

 1. Tasting the spicy and bizarre cuisine

One of the first things that our tourist group takes note upon the beginning of their tour is the nation’s cookery. One of them realized that Mexico’s standard for spicy is sorely exaggerated when being compared to Thai food. Our tourist group is mostly drenched in sweat as they ate in one of the local stores in Bangkok. They also tried deep-fried caterpillars and scorpion candies as one of the many bizarre things to eat on holidays in Thailand.

2. Prosperous Buddhist heritage

Now our tourist group heads to the famous Buddhist temples in Bangkok. They passed by a religious district where roadside shrines are being genuflected by locals. An avid spiritual scholar among them took note of how locals greet a wandering monk and tried to greet one of them. Not surprisingly, they also found large groups of tourists visiting these golden temples.

3. Thailand: the world’s kickboxing capital

One of the individuals in the tourist group is a martial artist and who believed that witnessing authentic Muay Thai is one of the top reasons for visiting Thailand. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai, they have come across plenty of kickboxing academies filled with incredibly athletic boys. Muay thai is a national sport in Thailand and the fights can be seen even in many of the countryside festivals. The most famous club for local kick boxers is the Lion Muay Thai Training Camp in Phuket.

4. Where “shopping” and “saving” are friends

When it comes to tourism, shopping and saving may not really work together. But in Thailand, one can buy things without worrying so much about the budget. Thailand has plenty of bargain retail stores and markets even outside of Bangkok. In fact, one can spend merely $100 round trip between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

5. Night life in the City of Angels

One of the top reasons for visiting Thailand is having fun, and having fun in modern standards means a very wild nightlife. With enough money in their wallets, our tourist group hit the pubs and clubs of Bangkok, the City of Angels. This city is most alive during night time!

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