Kuantan Culture Guide


Kuantan, the capital of Malaysia’s Pahang state, is an east coast port city lying halfway between Kota Bharu and Singapore, on the Kuantan River estuary. Once a small, little-known fishing village, Kuantan is fast becoming known as a desirable tourist destination, thanks to its beaches, eateries and historic sites. With a rich and diverse culture, […]

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When the Rain Comes Down

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What are a few things to do when it’s a rainy day? One is… just sit or lie back and listen to the rain. Take in the pit-pat rhythm. Hear the patterns of thunder. Or pull back the curtains and WATCH the storm. From indoors, it can offer enjoyment very different from being out IN […]

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5 Essential Reasons to Go on an RV Road Trip


The cold winter air inspires many families to start planning their vacations for the upcoming year. Some will fly to exotic locations to escape the winter chill; others will wait until school’s out to take the kids on a family trip. But while they’re all booking flights and researching hotel rooms, another part of the […]

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7 Places to Visit in Thailand


Thailand is known for its tropical beaches, beautiful royal palaces, ancient ruins and extravagant temples displaying figures of Buddha. Each year sixteen million foreigners travel into Thailand. Despite the large amount of travelers each year Thailand has been able to maintain its own rich heritage. While most pictures of Thailand are of high rises and […]

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Essentials for Working While Traveling in Chiang Mai


It can be tough to try and keep organized while trying to work in Chiang Mai. Chang Mai is the fourth largest city in Thailand, located just over 400 miles away from Bangkok. Lately it has been called the top destination for digital nomads. There are so many factors that make nomads flock to this […]

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